Dr. Joni Johnston - 4 ASPD’s walk into a bar…

They walk among us. Mostly undetected. So let's look into them. Some of the questions raised with our Alienist guest: What's a personality disorder? What symptoms & how to recognize them? Are we all on the spectrum? Nature or nurture? What's moral insanity? Can psychopaths be happy? Why's it not listed? Can it be countered with a codex? Do they seek particular jobs? Why do Oligarchs become evil? Are the smart invisible? Are there more Narcissists today? Can sociopaths feel guilt? Why's BPD mostly women? Can they be cured? Are they aware of their disorder? How many? How to deal with them? + What would happen if they all met in a bar?


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* 4 Antisocial Personality Disorders walk into a bar… - A conversation with Dr. Joni Johnston


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* Guest: Forensic Psychologist Dr. Joni Elizabeth Johnstone (http://www.forumborealis.net/guests)


* Recorded: 20 August 2020


* Bumper music used with cordial permission from © Loopus.net


* This Program is part of our eighth series called BETWEEN ADAM & EVE (http://www.forumborealis.net/series)


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