7 Steps from Shakespeare 2 Oak Island (Pt. 1 & 2) - Petter Amundsen

Petter returns with updates as we dive deeper into his work on OI, Shakespeare, Bacon, R+C, etc. Some issues touched: What's his theories' 7 steps? What does statistics say? What does experts say? What's the new discoveries? What codes are best? Who was involved? What role did Templars & Masons play? Is the technical anomalies related to the Ark? What's King James' role? How is the Arcadian Shepherds involved? What connects Bacon, Father CRC, & Duke of Gloucester? What's the significance of the naming of OI? + much more on this greatest social engineering project of history. And we learn about a hidden door in the Swamp...


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* 7 Steps from Shakespeare 2 Oak Island - A conversation with Petter Ivar Amundsen (S06P18)


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* Guest: Cryptographer & Musician Petter Ivar Amundsen (http://www.forumborealis.net/guests)


* Recorded: 18 October 2016


* Bumper music used with cordial permission from © Loopus.net


* This Program is part of our fourth series called FROM SOLOMONS TEMPLE TO ARCADIA (http://www.forumborealis.net/series)


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