Carter Hydrick - An A-Bomb for Herr Bormann (Pt. 2 of 2)

And now the crescendo of the Bormann-Dulles plot: How did Bormann escape? What was the route? What's the evidence pro & con? How did he outplay Himmler, Goebbles, & Goring? What happened to the Japanese on board the uboat? How did Bormann get passed Donitz? Who was the 6 people airlifted out of the bunker? How did Bormann usurp Hitler? How extensive is the Bormann Brotherhood? What's their relationship to the CIA? Did they kill FDR? Did they invent modern corporate globalism? When & where did Bormann die? Check in to learn the rest of this amazing story that the outstanding researcher Hydrick has documented...


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* An A-Bomb for Herr Bormann (part 2 of 2) - A conversation with Carter Hydrick (S01P07B)


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* Recorded: 24 August 2016


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