Walter Bosley - Something Strange this Way Flies

Is there evidence for anti-gravity already in the 19c.? Did Solomon Andrews make a flying machine in the 1860ies? What's the Great Airship Mystery of the 1890ies? Who's the private aeroclub NYMZA & what's their relation to German nationalists, occultists, & international banksters (like Kuhn, Loeb, & Harriman)? Did Charles Dellschau witness early field propulsion experiments as his diary & sketches alleges? Today we're joined by Walter Bosley who's done ground breaking research into this early history of technology associated with Tesla, Schauberger, Keely, etc... + we learn about weird links to Butch Cassidy, Sundance Kid, & Patagonia (!).


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* Something Strange this Way Flies - A conversation with Investigative Detective Walter Bosley (S01P01)


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* Recorded: 13 June 2015


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