George Webb - Spooky Aspects of Covid-19 (Pt. 1 of 2)

We have on a journalist who got his entire Youtube channel with 1000s of videos deleted within days after this interview, which was a year ago - yet most of this is still relevant. Some topics raised: What ties Wuhan lab to U.S. interests? What scenarios for the origin? What's the strains & signatures? What's the history of bio warfare? What's Koch's postulates? Was bubonic plague a bio-weapon? Did nazi scientists create first modern version? What rational for virus in wars? What's going on at Fort Detrick? Could 5G be relevant? Do people get reinfected? Is herd immunity possible? Is Nano-silver antiviral? + Hear how studies are censored...


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* Spooky Aspects of Covid-19 (Part 1 of 2) - A conversation with George Webb


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* Guest: Journalist George Webb (​)


* Recorded: 17 April 2020


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* This Program is part of our ninth series called IN THE SHADOW OF HIPPOCRATES (​)

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