George Webb - Spooky Aspects of Covid-19 (Pt. 2 of 2)

The investigation proceed with questions like: Who own the patents & profits? How's the worldwide biolabs connected across borders? Why's Africa always targeted? How are outbreaks used to steal resources? Why's bio poisoning always used in the spy world? Which experts & officials say it's a lab leak? If it's not, why's all such reporting banned? What Chinese connections to Milan? Did athletes in Wuhan Military Games get infected? What link to the Nazi Mercenaries of oligarch Kolomoyskyi? Has civilians been experimented on? What did Bormann's thugs do in Iran? Are crowds hence illegal? Was the leaker Seth Rich? + hear why Trump is wary of slamming Bernie...


All references to a family name is removed because they experienced harassment from angry people who heard about them through our guests various reporting. We condemn pestering of private citizens. Remember: Everyone is innocent unto proven guilty. Their names has no bearing upon the subject and therefore is of little journalistic value. Hence this revision. Everything else is a matter of public available information and therefore valid for your consideration.


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* Spooky Aspects of Covid-19 (Part 2 of 2) - A conversation with George Webb


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* Guest: Journalist George Webb (​)


* Recorded: 17 April 2020


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* This Program is part of our ninth series called IN THE SHADOW OF HIPPOCRATES (​)

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