Enemy of the Deep State - Daniel “Dark Journalist” Liszt

What is the deep state? What is dark journalism? How is the corporate mainstream media corrupted and how does the information blockage work? Who are the controllers? Today we are joined by Daniel Liszt, who accounts for the condition of the independent media vs misinformation & disinformation. He unveils the third force of censorship, Intel influences, & junk conspiracy, tracking down the patterns & discussing what's going on behind the scenes. And we learn how Dan got involved in all of this as well as an update on the forthcoming SecretSpaceProgram & BrekawayCivilization conference (https://secretspaceprogram.org/).


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* Enemy of the Deep State - A Conversation with Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt (S05P01)


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* Guest: Journalist Daniel Liszt (http://www.forumborealis.net/guests)


* Recorded: 08 Sept 2015


* Bumper music used with cordial permission from © Loopus.net


* This Program is part of our fifth series called FRONTLINE DISSIDENTS (https://www.forumborealis.net/series)


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