Phillip Lindsay - Human Prehistory according to Esoterica (Pt. 1 & 2)

Join a journey to the most obscure take on extreme human antiquity, namely of the ancient scrolls known as Stanzas of Dzyan, accounted for by an expert on Theosophy. Some topics explored: How old is man? What's rootraces & subraces? Will a new race emerge & whence? Who were the Giants & what befell them? How do Indian Yugas compare with Ancient Greek & Mayan calenders? What of Lemuria & Atlantis? What & where is Shambala & Agartha? Did we coexist with Dinosaurs? Exactly when is the Aquarian Age? How will our civiization collapse? + we muse on spiritual adepts like Roerich, Gurdjieff, Lama Govinda, Sri Aurobindo, & others...


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* Human Prehistory according to Esoterica (Part 1 & 2) - A conversation with Phillip Lindsay (S02P32)


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* Guest: Producer & Astrologer Phillip Lindsay (


* Recorded: 22 October 2017


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* This Program is part of our second series called EVIDENCE OF ANTEDILUVIAN CIVILIZATIONS (


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