Alex ”Skeptiko” Tsakiris - EVIL (Pt. 1 of 2: A Rose by any other Name)

It's the oldest problem in the world, but how is it that all recognize evil when experienced, yet we can't agree what it is? Do metaphysical entities influence men? Do NDE show hell? Did MK-ULTRA discover split ego-states incite possession? Are there evil aliens? Is ethics universal? Are all conscious beings of the Light? Do anyone think of themselves as evil? How to fight it? Is it a specter, a force, subjective or natural, relative or constant? Did Ancients have a concept of it? How did Buddha explain it? Is it a choice? Was Ted Bundy mind controlled? Are Archons neutral? Is Satan an egregore? These are just some points raised in pt. 1. AND: hear Al's childhood exorcism...


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* EVIL (Part 1 of 2: A Rose by any other Name) - A conversation with Alex Tsakiris.


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* Guest: Host Alexander Louis Tsakiris (


* Recorded: 16 Juny 2020.


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