Mark Stavish - Hacking Egregores (Pt. 1 of 2: Watching the Watchers)

Stavish joins the Forum to enlighten us on invisible affairs, for example: Demonology or psychology? How does collective consciousness work? What's the 3 distinct definitions? What's the connection to Cults, Tulpa's, UAP's, & Archetypes? How's it a social control system? How are they born? Can they be hijacked or destroyed? Why battle for the collective memory & paradigm? How's occulture influenced by our Zeitgeist? What did Dr. Vallée discover? Is Spirit HF matter? Why did Jean Dubuis warn against UFOism? Why can't materialists comprehend Interdimensionality? Are thought forms alive? What did the Chaldean Oracles warn? AND: How to liberate yourself...


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* Hacking Egregores (Pt.1 of 2: Watching the Watchers) - A conversation with Mark Stavish.


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* Recorded: 09 June 2021.


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