Stacy Fry - Mystics of the Maya (Pt. 2 of 3: The Sundance Kids)

Was there relations between Egypt & Maya? Did they have a concept of Zero? What's the Sundance ritual? Why's academia ignoring the ancient calendar? Is El Mirador pyramid the world's largest? Are there 100's of buried cities? Why were city states built on top of cave systems? Why & how did their civilization collapse? How come Maya were never conquered? Were they into time travel? Who were the Olmecs? Why did the Pope look for Christ in the new world? Was El Dorado a disinfo campaign? Could the next cataclysm be an EMP? + Since we do 6h on the subject, we indulge a detour into analysing the book market, like: is there more or less readers today?


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* Mystics of the Maya (Part 2 of 3: The Sundance Kids) - A conversation with Stacy James Fry.


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* Guest: Director & Producer Stacy James Fry (​).


* Recorded: 03 December 2020.


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