Richard Hoagland - NASA Revealed (Pt. 2 of 3)

We continue the wild journey through incredible facts & speculation, looking into questions like: What's the ancient origin to the different human races? Did "The Fall" cause a tilt of the Earth's axis? Did the "Moon Hoax" theory origin with NASA itself? If so, why? Is the lunar footage manipulated? How can lunar structures be built by glass? Why is Aristarchus always lit? What did the classified Corona project find? What's the SSP divide & conquer strategy of TPTB? Did a post-war Nazi faction retain their own covert Space Program? Did they compromise our infrastructure? Did they get off-world help? And hear how an intel agent ripped off Hoagie...


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* Nasa Revealed (Part 2 of 3) - A conversation with Richard Hoagland (S01P17B)


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* Guest: Journalist & Curator Richard Charles Hoagland (


* Recorded: 07 September 2017


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