Richard Hoagland - NASA Revealed (Pt. 3 of 3)

We wrap this up with topics like: Was Apollo a public cover for a classified Moon program? Is EM Drive the first upgrade from ancient Rockets? Is Hoagland building his own EM Drive? Was the Cold War another sham? Was there a covert NASA war between Masons & Nazis? Did JFK have grandiose plans for the world? Did the Nazi faction take out JFK? Did NASA retrieve a robot head from the Moon? Is lunar footage altered to hide ruins? Why was original footage destroyed? Is the Astronaut's minds manipulated? What's the Tabby's Star mystery? What's NASA's layers? + we talk war on Independent Media & Hoagie predict the recent Disclosure.


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* Nasa Revealed (Part 3 of 3) - A conversation with Richard Hoagland (S01P17C)


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* Guest: Journalist Richard Charles Hoagland (


* Recorded: 07 September 2017


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