Arvid Ystad - The Norse Roots of Freemasonry (Pt. 1 of 2)

Today we drop a bombshell: Has Norse religion survived as the 3 basic Freemasonic degrees of the "Blue Lodge"? Curiously there's evidence to indicate this. In pt. 2 we reveal the rituals and investigate essence & symbolism to compare with norse trad. In pt. 1 we consider historic context to see if it's possible. Some topics raised: Was Odin a person? Did Vikings bring Rites of Freya, Thor, & Odin to the British isles? Did they sacrifice humans? Was the old & new religion practiced parallel up to 1400s? Do Heraldic Orders derive from the Craft? Did King Æthelstan purge pagan myths replacing it with Judeo-Christian terms? AND hear how Vikings used hallucinogenics...


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* The Norse Roots of Freemasonry (Part 1 of 2) - A conversation with Arvid Ystad.


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* Recorded: 12 February 2021.


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