Oak Island & Bacons R+C Secret in Arcadia (Pt. 1 & 2) - Daniel Ronnstam

So what's going on at Oak Island? How's the treasure legend related to Templars, R+C, & Masons? What has all this to do with Francis Bacon & Shakespeare? We are joined by a Swedish scholar informing us about his finds, agreeing with those of Petter Amundsen & others. We explore what's been found hitherto, indications of what Daniel has uncovered regarding the missing Money Pit stone, Bacon's hints of secret boxes, solution to the water traps, Daath (11th. Sephirot on the Tree of Life structure in Nolan's Cross), Bacon's hidden Chamber, RC as a specific project & much more. + Daniel betoken major revelations to be published within a year...


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* Oak Island & Bacons R+C Secret in Arcadia (Part 1 & 2) - A conversation with Daniel Ronnstam (S06P13)


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* Guest: Cryptographer & Musician Daniel Ronnstam (http://www.forumborealis.net/guests)


* Recorded: 03 September 2015


* Bumper music used with cordial permission from © Loopus.net


* This Program is part of our fourth series called FROM SOLOMONS TEMPLE TO ARCADIA (https://www.forumborealis.net/series)


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