Robert Bonomo - Occult Symbolism (Pt. 1 of 2: How it Liberates you)

Film-maker Bonomo drops by the forum to help us understand symbology in light of his movie "The 21 Faces of God". Some questions raised: What's the origin of Tarot? What's its true order? What's the meaning of Archetypes? What's the nature of numbers & vibration? How's Physics, Math, Music, & Mind connected? Is existence holographic? Are symbols objective or aspects of consciousness? What impulse came to earth in 3 forms around 500 BC? What's the point of philosophy? What books are structured on the Tarot? How to use Tarot? What's its 3 levels? Which decks are optimal? + Hear how Disney educated the public in pythagoreanism...


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* Occult Symbolism (Pt. 1 of 2: How it Liberates you) - A conversation with Robert Bonomo (S06P11A)


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* Recorded: 20 February 2019


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* This Program is part of our sixth series called EXPLORING ESOTERIC PHILOSOPHY (


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