Nick Cook - Pentagon‘s Biggest Secret

Public awareness of Die Glocke (Nazi Bell) came 20 years ago with our guest's hunt for Zero Point as presented in his innovative book. Hear his journey thru the classified black world, probing such topics as: Was the Škoda Works of the 3rd Reich their Skunk Works? Where did General Hans Kammler end up? What happened to the promising Free Energy & Anti-Gravity research of the 50s? Why's rotation so crucial? Are UAP's anthropogenic & could crashes be terrestrial tech? Do insiders use coded lingo for exotic tech? What wonder weapon did Hitler wait for? + Learn Dr. Jacques Vallée's shocking proof that UFO Close Encounters are all STAGED!...


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* Pentagon's Biggest Secret - A conversation with Nick Cook.


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* Guest: Journalist Nicholas Julian Cook (​).


* Recorded: 02 April 2021.


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* This Program is part of our first series called TIMELINE OF A BREAKAWAY CIVILIZATION (​).

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