Peter Levenda - Perfect Storm: JFK, Nazis, & Renegade Bishops

Today Levenda returns, looking into weird & less known aspects to JFK, which also puzzled Garrison. We explore matters like: How does Orthodox Churches relate to the assassination & Intel Agents? Why were UFO investigators involved in the cover-up? What's the connection to the exile Nazi network, including NASA, CIA, & Bormann's corporations? How does the pending Space Race tie in? Gradually we uncover a brewing storm around JFK, consisting of elements like UFO's, renegade Bishops, spies, Nazis, the Space Program, the Military-Industrial Complex, & much more. And we learn about the involvement of the mysterious Circle of Nine...


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* Perfect Storm: JFK, Nazis, & Renegade Bishops - A conversation with Peter Levenda (S01P14)


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* Recorded: 25 July 2016


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