Peter Levenda - Hitler’s Ratline & the Nazi Cult in Diaspora (Pt. 1 of 2)

Now that forensic science finally has debunked "Hitler's scull", what evidence remains that der Führer suicided in the bunker? Can that also be debunked? Is there evidence to the contrary - that he in fact fled together with other key personnel? If so, how was this conducted and to where did the ratlines lead? Who was responsible for these Ratlines? What other noteworthy Nazis do we know got away? Peter Levenda joins us again, to account for Hitler's escape and the wild circumstances at the end of WW2 exploited by Bormann's fleeing hordes... and we even hear about an outlandish conspiracy theory that British Intel is run by satanists!


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* Hitler's Ratline & the Nazi Cult in Diaspora (Part 1 of 2) - A conversation with Peter Levenda (S01P6A)


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*Guest: Historian Peter Levenda (


* Recorded: 14 October 2015


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* This Program is part of our first series called TIMELINE OF A BREAKAWAY CIVILIZATION (

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