Clif High - Secrets of the Digital World (Pt. 2 of 2)

We continue to light up digital shadows, discussing: Is surveillance bulk or individual? Are there still real hackers? How did Blue Chicken Cult pollute webbot data? How is Big Tech rigging algorithms & deciding shadow banning? Do all OS have deep state backdoors? Is centralization unavoidable? How does soft censorship work? Are gamers trained as future rebels? Who rigs social media ads? What's the Dark Web? Is it used by intel agents? How to recognize bots & trolls? Are cats spies? What will be the Newtube? Is geopolitics turning digital? How much of www is catalogued by Google? Are words weapons? + Hear why space aliens hacking our systems would be toast...


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* Secrets of the Digital World (Part 2 of 2) - A conversation with Cliff High


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* Guest: CE Clifford R. High (


* Recorded: 04 Sept 2019


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