Zan Perrion - The Beauty of Honest Seduction (Pt. 2 of 2: The Quest of Men)

Now we finish our top secret (only for male ears) probing into attraction transformation with tidbits from Zan's particular brand of lifestyle coaching - touching everything from Viking libertinism to Grail Knights of the Sacred Feminine, like: What role has beauty? How is transcendence relevant? How can innocence be an advantage? Why take care of yourself? Why must men be on a journey? Why's open heart attractive? Why do clueless men refuse to accept truth? Why's boundaries so powerful? What's the secret of a natural? How does he get away with his audacity? How does girls radar work? Why's there no father figures? + Learn what it means to be a man...


Disclaimer: Don't expect to become a Casanova just by listening to our chat, but if it peeks your interest you may want to investigate this path further - which if PRACTICED - definetely will turn you into a ladies man.


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* The Beauty of Honest Seduction (Part 2 of 2: The Quest of Men) - A conversation with Zan Perrion.


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* Guest: Coach Jonathan Zan Perrion (​).


* Recorded: 02 November 2020.


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* This Program is part of our eighth series called BETWEEN ADAM & EVE (

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