Shakespeare Decoded (Pt. 1 of 2: Bacon, Father CRC, & the Templar Treasure in Nova Scotia) - Petter Amundsen

How is the Shakespearean plays connected to Francis Bacon, King James I, Henry Neville, Ben Jonson, Thomas Bushell & others? Why was the illiterate brute Will Shaxper credited? Who's the Stratfordians, Baconians, Oxfordians, & Marlowians? Did William D. Gann (as related by Ignatius Donnely), Sepharial (Dr. Walter Gorn), Manly P. Hall, & Hugh Black decode secret messages in the plays? Petter checks in with amazing discoveries on purposely designs (steganography, geometry, cyphers, ciphers, & codes) unraveling an origin to R+C, proto-Masons, lost Templar Treasure, & mission for a 2nd renaissance: "Instauratio Magna" (Great Instauration).


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* Shakespeare Decoded: Bacon, Father CRC, & the Templar Treasure in Nova Scotia (Part 1 of 2) - A conversation with Petter Amundsen (S04P12A)


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* Guest: Cryptographer & Musician Petter Ivar Amundsen (


* Recorded: 23 July 2015


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* This Program is part of our fourth series called FROM SOLOMON'S TEMPLE TO ARCADIA (


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