Truls Lie - Signs of the Media Times

Meet the last honest editor-in-chief of old school newspaper in Norway. Some topics aired: Why did his report cause mass hysteria? When was media's Golden Age? What drives a genuine reporter? Is profit & emotion replacing criticism & fact? Why's free press in decline? How can independent media survive? What's wrong with public's attitude to MSM? What plan to save oldstream news? Are we so dum & distracted to want propaganda & Infoteinmant? What's fake news? Is Op. Mockingbird still on? Who's checking the checkers? What topics get censored? What's key to Utube's success? Can culture evolve to human optimum? + Hear why Planet Mars can do meritocracy...

NB! When the guest mention "Social Liberal" it means "Libertarian" in U.S. political terminology.


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* Signs of the Media Times - A conversation with Truls Lie


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* Guest: Journalist & Media Proprietor Truls Lie (​).


* Recorded: 13 October 2020.


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