Dr. Diana Muir - The Journals of Sir Henry Sinclair (Pt. 2 of 2)

Now we examine the subsequent volumes of the diaries, looking into what happened when they tried to move the Templar treasure to the western banks. When, where, & how many times did they travel? Did Zeno bring treasure from Venice? How many stayed behind & returned? How many shipwrecked & what was lost? Could Dog Island be Oak Island? Who saved the journals & perpetuated the project? Did Colombus expect to encounter a Templar state? Did he raid Greenland? How was Francis Bacon involved? Was his death faked? Was Benjamin Franklin & FDR implied? Where did Templar members hail from? And learn about a documentary in the works...


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* The Journals of Sir Henry Sinclair (Pt. 2 of 2) - A conversation with Dr. Diana Muir.


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* Guest: Dr. Diana Muir (http://www.forumborealis.net/guests​).


* Recorded: 27 March 2021.


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* This Program is part of our fourth series called FROM SOLOMONS TEMPLE TO ARCADIA (http://www.forumborealis.net/series​).


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