Catherine Austin Fitts - Solutions in our Battle for Humanity

Let's explore preserving civilization. Some themes raised: Why is it crucial to maintain, own, & enjoy art, beauty, & culture? Creativity: Antidote to negativity obsession? Cryptocurrency: Solution or trap? Universal Basic Income: Freedom or enslavement? Mind control: Key to slave labour? Which economic model serve citizens? Can intention influence reality? How to fix the Black Budget? What of the Pentagon audit? How to build a happy life amidst gloom? Is the Space Force a whitewash of the Classified Space Program? Is false dichotomy & identity politics a distraction? What did Voyager mission detect in Saturn's rings? + Hear Al's tourist prospect of Norway.


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* Solutions in our Battle for Humanity - A conversation with Catherine Fitts (S05P08)


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* Guest: Commissioner & SEC Catherine Austin Fitts (


* Recorded: 31 Aug 2018


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* This Program is part of our fifth series called FRONTLINE DISSIDENTS (

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