Peter Levenda - Starward: DeLonge, Mystic Machines, & Current Disclosure (Pt 2 of 3: Nature of the Beast)

Levenda answers more about project "To The Stars", & we continue the philosophical examination of the U.F.O. phenomenon. Some issues touched: Are they human, aliens, or inter-dimensional? Organic, machines, or robots? Has AI jump-started itself? Is higher forces in play? Is reality manipulated by magic & technology? Why do contactee's turn spiritual? Have we back-engineered? Why is Deep State concerned & why not come clean? Will other whistle-blowers step up? Is this a controlled drip disclosure? Does it restore the SSP discussion? How is consciousness key? ...and Al argues that the NASA footage proves they are not only "ours".


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* Starward - Tom DeLonge, Mystical Machines, & The Current Disclosure (Part 2 of 3: The Nature of the Beast) - A conversation with Peter Levenda (S01P24B)


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* Recorded: 28 December 2017


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