This is how all U.S. elections are rigged - Bob Fitrakis

Is Trump's claims really understatements? How rigged are elections? Exactly how is the fraud conducted? To find out we talk with a leading researcher in the field: Professor Fitrakis. Buckle up for a shocker as we explore questions like: Is gerrymandering political? Are opinion & exit polls manipulated? Is voter restrictions aimed to limit opposition? How massive is ballot purge? Any accountability for machines & how easy are they to hack? How to fix the corruption & restore democracy? We also treat indisputable evidence proven by whistle blowers, hearings, court cases, & scientific studies. AND learn how Bernie actually won the primary...


We are not part of the MSM black-out on any subject whatsoever - so it's an honor for us to be able to communicate this important scientifically verified & judicially confirmed truth, which will become one of the biggest scandals of modern history, when enough people become aware.


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* This is how all U.S. elections are rigged - A Conversation with Bob Fitrakis (S50P04)


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* Recorded: 31 October 2016


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