This is the Black Economy (Pt. 1 of 2) - Catherine Fitts

Former Federal Commissioner for HUD under Bush Sr spills the beans about global financial fraud, mortgage scams, & the Black Budget. In part 1 Mrs. Fitts share her personal journey of discovery from Wall St to the Bush regime. In Part 2 we take on specific facts & figures, understanding the global black economy & how it's larger than the white. Some issues touched: What's the Deep State's nature? How's the plunder of the public done? How do they get away with their covert schemes? How many trillions have disappeared? What's the big milking cows? What's the loot used for? And hear the Arlington Institute's offer to introduce an alien...




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* This is the Black Economy - A conversation with Catherine Fitts (S01P22A)


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* Recorded: 29 April 2017


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